The most visited museum in the world

If you were to visit just one museum in Paris - nay - the world, many would argue it should be the Louvre. The historic museum located on the right bank of the Seine is after all, the most visited museum in the world. Home to the famous Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and 35,000 other pieces of iconic works from prehistory to the 19th century, all set across 4 floors and a space of over 60,000 square metres.

With so much to see and so many people to compete with, the Louvre at times can seem overwhelming. The trick to beating the museum blues however is to go with a purpose. Do your research before you go and have a plan of attack to see what you want to see without getting lost and going crazy. Alternatively, art rookies may wish to join a tour, leaving their Louvre visit in the hands of an expert.

The actual building the Louvre is housed in what was once a palace built in the 12th century. During the French Revolution however it was converted into a museum to display the nation,s masterpieces. Underneath the Louvre is a modern shopping centre and food court, with escalators from the centre offering direct access into the museum. All together the Louvre has 3 entrances with the lesser known entrances being via the shopping centre entrance or the Porte des Lions. Avoid the main entrance at all costs, particularly in summer in peak tourist season. It's also very important to buy your tickets in advance otherwise you will be forced to line up twice.

Once inside, head to the level and area that houses the collection that you want to see the most, whether it be the works of Leonardo Da Vinci (including the unexpectedly small Mona Lisa), Michel Angelo's sculptures, Ancient Egyptian art or Napoleon's grandiose apartments.

Hours: Sun-Mon, Thu, Sat 9am-6pm, Tue Closed, Wed, Fri 9am-9:45pm

Address- Musée du Louvre, 75001 Paris, France

Metro station- Royal Musée du Louvre

Musée du Louvre, 75001 Paris, France, Europe

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