Introduction to Poland

Fancy visiting a country where you’ll be offered a pair of slippers the first time you visit a Polish home? How about getting served up an endless feast of noodle soup, pork cutlets, generous helpings of potatoes and cabbage, and cheesecake? And ladies, would you like your hand kissed as a greeting? All this and more happens in the wonderful country of Poland.

The gregarious, welcoming and heart-warming folk of Poland will really make your trip to this Eastern European country. Bordered by Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovakia and Ukraine, just don’t bring up politics with a Pole; they hate the current political system and government.

With roots going back over 1,000 years, Poland has a pretty epic history, and much of it is on display today. There’s castles to explore, World War II sites that’ll bring tears to your eyes, and many museums and monuments that stand as a reminder of past battles and fortitude. The whole city of Warsaw is a perfect example of the country’s resilience – flattened in World War II, it now stands tall as a centre of culture, action and energy.

The former royal capital of Krakow is a medieval hotspot showing off architecture from all ages – Gothic, Renaissance, Art Nouveau and Baroque. But you can also see medieval castle and ancient ruins all over the country including the Teutonic Knights’ red-brick fortresses. There’s also a bunch of skansens (open-air ethnographic museums) to check out. But it’s not all history lessons and ancient awesomeness, there’s adventure by the truckload in Poland too. In the north-east, the waterways are perfect for canoeing or kayaking.

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