Romania Weather Guide

Romania’s 4 distinct seasons each offer a unique travelling experience. The country has a temperate climate and varies significantly from region to region. As a rule of thumb, the warmest month is July and the coldest month is January.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

Along with some showers, long sunny days can be found throughout Romania during summer with the hottest temperatures found in the south and east. Enjoy the coastal areas or escape the hot days in one of the many mountain areas. Bucharest is hot in the summer, but hosts great festivals like GayFest in June and the internationally acclaimed 3-day music bonanza B’estfest Summer Camp set in the nearby Renaissance-style Mogosoaia Palace in July.

Autumn: September to November

Autumn is a great time to explore most of Romania as there is little rain, comfortable temps, and rusty orange foliage covering many of the trees. Count Dracula has immortalised Transylvania as a spooky destination, but would you dare go there for the Halloween celebrations? The town puts on quite a spread. Bwahaha.

Winter: December to February

Romania is a cold place and while it is temperate along the coast, there’s heavy snowfall in most places from December to March every year. Of course, the mountains are extra cold, but ‘tis the season for some truly great skiing here. Most places have Christmas markets and festivals in December making the festive season truly magical.

Spring: March to May

Spring is a great time to visit Romania with warm days and brisk mornings and evenings. Every March 1 marks Mărtisor, an old tradition where it is believed if you wear red and white string you will have a prosperous and healthy new year. Bucharest also hosts a month-long Caffe Festival of jazz, blues and pop in May. Make sure you bring clothes for layering to ward off the chilly weather.