San José Transport Guide

Guided tours are very popular in Costa Rica and San José has a plethora of local tours and tour buses ranging from those visiting historic sites to gay and lesbian party tours and even tours tailored for those with a disability.

How to get around San José

There are taxis and bicycles for hire throughout the city, but the most popular options to explore much of the city centre are by foot or local bus. Buses generally only accept local currency and vary a great deal; sometimes it’s down to luck whether you’re in a chicken bus or air-conditioned luxury! Car hire is available but expensive, and the streets are known to get congested. The most popular method of transport from San José to the rest of Costa Rica is also the slow and steady bus. The main bus terminal is the Coca Cola Bus Terminal, but generally bus services are scattered throughout the city and it’s best to ask around. There’s also a bus system that connects most Central American capitals with each another and it’s a much cheaper alternative to flying. There is also a scenic train tour that goes from San José to Caldera.