São Paulo Weather Guide

Located in Brazil’s south on an elevated plateau, São Paulo experiences four seasons (sometimes all in one day!) with a high altitude tropical climate of hot summers and mild winters. Most of the year the average temperatures are warm with cooling winds from the southern Atlantic Ocean.

Season and Clothing

Summer: December to February

Temperatures in summer can reach up to 32 degrees Celsius in the city, with average daily maximums in the high-20s. Humid, sticky days also bring afternoon showers during this wet season, which can sometimes flood the city streets. These high-season months also coincide with two of the biggest dates on the Brazilian calendar: New Year’s Eve and Carnival, as well as when most Brasileños take their summer vacay. São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW) also hits in January.

Average temperatures: 18 – 28 degrees Celsius
Appropriate clothing: Dresses, t-shirts, shorts and thongs
Don’t forget: Sunnies and a light jacket or umbrella.

Autumn: March to May

With just the occasional wet day and still warm weather, autumn is a great month to visit São Paulo to take advantage of temps in the mid-20s and cooler nights and explore the neighbourhoods of this fascinating city. If the weather gets too inclement, head indoors to check out the myriad of museums and galleries that make Sampa such a cultural hub, and venture back out when it’s sunny to see the city’s famed street art, particularly the local pichação style of graffiti tagging.

Average temperatures: 15 – 27 degrees Celsius
Appropriate clothing: T-shirts, jeans, shorts and dresses
Don’t forget: A smartphone or non-bulky camera.

Winter: June to August

Winter is the driest season in São Paulo where the weather is still very mild and the skies are clear and sunny. Due to its elevation, daytime temps can get quite chilly but still rarely drop below 13 degrees Celsius. Don’t miss Festas Juninas (June Festival) when Sampa gets countrified and rustic with square dancing and carnival games. The Parada Gay (Gay Pride Parade) in early June is also a big drawcard as will be the 2014 FIFA World Cup from mid-June to mid-July in 2014.

Average temperatures: 13 – 24 degrees Celsius
Appropriate clothing: Clothes for layering, jeans, tops and shirts
Don’t forget: Good walking shoes.

Spring: September to November

Expect lots of sunshine in São Paulo’s springtime with warm temps making this the ideal time to get out and about in the city. It’s a great opportunity to explore the historic buildings and grand streets minus the humidity, as well as wander around the expansive Parque do Ibirapuera with cycle paths, running tracks and free yoga sessions in the heart-shaped parklands. São Paulo also hosts the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix in November.

Average temperatures: 14 – 26 degrees Celsius
Appropriate clothing: T-shirts, jeans, shorts and dresses
Don’t forget: Trainers.