Introduction to Scotland

Haggis, kilts and giant sea monsters are the first things that spring to mind when you think of Scotland. But, there’s so much more jam-packed into this tiny UK country. If you dig history (particularly the turbulent kind), there are few cities in the world that compare to Edinburgh and Glasgow. See world-famous castles and stop by the National Museum of Scotland to learn about Scotland’s most enigmatic historical figure, Mary Queen of Scots. There really is something about Mary.

Are you a lover of all things scenic? You’ll fall for the Scottish Highlands with its picturesque hills, mountains, forests, woodlands, sandy beaches and lochs, including Nessy’s home. These spectacular surrounds make for some sweet adventure activities  like mountain biking, whitewater rafting, canoeing, surfing and fishing.

The beautiful landscapes and forests are also home to diverse wildlife. Trek through any of the country’s 40 nature reserves to catch a glimpse of red squirrels, red deers or golden eagles, or make your way to Scotland’s coastline to see their famous harbour seals, otters, dolphins, whales and the largest variety of seabirds in Europe. They’ve also got their very own Shetland pony ambassadors rugged up in specially made cardigans created by Scottish knitter Doreen Brown. Too cute for words. You need to get a snap with these guys.

Tucked up in the northernmost part of the UK, Scotland also contains over 790 islands. While it’s been part of the United Kingdom since 1707, Scotland has maintained a fiercely independent identity. Just what you’d expect from the hardworking, fast-talking folk of Scotland, really. And it’s the locals who will make your stay in Scotland truly awesome, even if you can’t understand them at times!

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