Scotland Weather Guide

Scotland’s climate is oceanic and temperate with temperatures generally lower than the rest of the UK. Winter temps peak at a top of 6 degrees Celsius and in general summer temps hover around 20 degrees. The westside of the country is generally warmer than the east and the Western Highlands is the wettest area in Scotland.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

If you don’t want to freeze your wee bottom off on a holiday to Scotland, summer is a great time to visit. Summer temps can get as high as 27 degrees Celsius, though cooler days can get as low as 10 degrees. While it’s a warmer and lovelier time to visit, the room rates will be higher for peak season. Summer is also the time to come to see the Scottish Highland Games and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Autumn: September to November

Autumn is possibly the most underrated time to visit this northernmost UK land. The weather is fairly mild, though you might get some rain on the islands. Because it’s not high season, things will be cheaper. Another plus for visitors in autumn is the beautiful landscapes all over Scotland and especially along the lochs, glens and highland areas. Make sure you pack comfy walking shoes to get around!

Winter: December to February

Brrrr. Wintertime in Scotland is most definitely not kilt weather. Especially not if you’re planning to wear one in the traditional (no pants) way. While it is cold, there are some pretty cool events worth bearing the big freeze for, and one in particular, Hogmanay - the New Year's Eve celebrations in Edinburgh are a must on the party calendar. Another plus for the season are cheaper hotel rates and if you’re lucky, a white Christmas!

Spring: March to May

The snow has melted, the days are longer and things are starting to warm up, so spring is quite a pleasant time to visit Scotland. Spring means the cities and attractions are not as crowded as summer, but you will get tourists arriving towards the end of the season and pushing the rates up. If you're the outdoorsy type, spring is also the season to fish for salmon as they start to swim upstream, and see the highland blooms.