Things to do in Serbia

Serbia greets visitors with open arms –after you pass customs – stirring first-time travellers into a Balkan frenzy. The uninitiated generally spend their first few days in the northern capital of Belgrade, a trendy city on the rise that pulls in party-goers from neighbouring nations. Belgrade isn’t just about long nights, drinking Serbs under the table and puzzling over industrial trance. Before you lose your liver to another round of rakija (or after), toast the sunset on the ramparts of Belgrade Fortress, cycle the shores of Ada Ciganlija, go shopping in Knez Mihailova, celebrate the life of Nikola Tesla and chill out on the banks of the Danube River.

Shaken off your jet-lag? Now it’s time to see the real Serbia. In Novi Sad, a short 95 kilometres northwest of Belgrade, Room Escape has put together a game that won’t feel like a simulation until the world doesn’t end. You’re locked in a room. That’s all we’re going to say. If you’ve somehow averted the apocalypse (go you), the Fruska Gora Monasteries will provide a sobering experience packed with history and medieval art.

Hire a car and road-trip down to Kragujevac, 3 hours southeast of Novi Sad, and cross the threshold of Museum October 21. The symbolism behind the 33 windowless towers is harrowing, representing hopelessness and despair. Memorial Park itself is scattered with 33 mass graves, a signature of a Nazi-dominated era and a dark window of history. Read farewell letters and brief notes, ponder the Monument to the Executed Pupils and appreciate the artistry of Jovan Soldatovic.

From the quaint streets of Stremski Karlovci to the powdery slopes of Kopaonik, choosing your Serbia to-see list can be tricky. We’ve mapped out some of the essentials to make your itinerary planning easier. 

The Skull Tower

The Skull Tower is a grisly reminder of Serbian strength and the extreme measures of a desperate man. See for yourself the consequences of brutality in the face of courage.

Petrovaradin Citadel

The Petrovaradin Citadel has witnessed war, wonder and the world changing from one generation to the next.


Mediana was once the luxury capital of Serbia; today, archaeology students and history lovers go nuts over its preserved highlights.

Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade Fortress is the home of history, conflicts, markets and nightclubs? From the ramparts of the Turkish invaders to a staircase nightclub, Belgrade Fortress will be the highlight of your trip.

Church of Saint Sava

The Church of Saint Sava holds a secret behind its pure white marble walls, gleaming steeples and many bell towers. Step inside the majestic doors of this unfinished monument to faith and resilience.