Serbia Weather Guide

The fertile landscapes of landlocked Serbia draw a moderately continental climate across all 4 seasons. There are no dramatic weather changes here, as spring slowly jumps to summer and variations are stirred only by regional features – hills, mountains, valleys and plateaus.

Seasons and Clothing

Summer:  June to August

Summer in Serbia is commonly dry, hot and breathless. Novi Pazar and Sjenica are the perfect places to capture the balmy climate of the Mediterranean without making the trek to Croatia, although most of Serbia is served with melt-worthy weather. Relief comes off the Dinaric Alps as the mountains work to cool and filter some of the less friendly weather for the region. This is also the wettest season of the year, so pack a light raincoat if you plan to hit the festivals.

Autumn: September to November

Autumn falls in a rattle of bronzed leaves, dropping a little warmth from the summer months and generating a national mean of 16 degrees Celsius but with lows of 8 degrees.  The southwest regions of Serbia are drenched in consistent showers for most of autumn. Wine festivals replace the buzz of concerts as Sremski Karlovci, Vrsac and Irig come to life with celebrations of viticulture and good food.

Winter: December to February

Temperatures drop and snow covers the mountains, valleys and roads of inland Serbia. Prone to cold snaps, the mountains are a fun park for any winter sports enthusiasts - Kopaonik is ideal for experienced slope masters as January accounts for 30 to 40 percent of annual snowfall. South-easterly winds buffet travellers, maintaining a dry outlook and a mean temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. Bring your thermals.

Spring: March to May

Spring in Serbia bucks the trend of being a mild wonderland with perfectly pleasant temperatures; the average yo-yos between 10 to 12 degrees Celsius in full sunshine. Scattered showers and heavier rainfall are driven by increasing climatic activity as summer slowly gears up. Bring gear for layering and a light raincoat for the springtime showers.