Introduction to Singapore

Singapore is a small country on a small island, but with just over 5 million people it’s highly urbanised. Surprisingly, over 50 percent of its area is covered by green space making it the greenest city in Asia with more than 50 major parks and 4 nature reserves. Singapore may be clean and organised but it’s also a lot of fun.

Located in Southeast Asia, off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, it’s the world's only sovereign city-state. Singapore has also been part of various local empires since its original documented settlers in the second century AD. Sir Stamford Raffles founded modern Singapore in 1819 and the British gained sovereignty not long after. Singapore eventually declared its independence in 1963. Though surrounded by emerging nations, mega-bucks Singapore has the third-highest per capita income in the world. 

While people come to Singapore for a wide range of interests, it helps that the food and the fashion here are world-class. A melting pot for Chinese, Malay and Indian culture, Singapore is a smorgasbord of Asian flavour. Having a famous Singapore Sling cocktail at the colonial Raffles Hotel is a must. Shop ‘til you drop on Orchard Road – Singapore’s premier shopping district - filled with designer boutiques or hit the street markets in Kampong Glam, Little India and Chinatown for an assortment of ethnic jewellery, textiles, antiques and more.

So with good fortune, amazing shopping and good food covered, Singaporeans need a little downtime. Work hard, play hard. With a massive appreciation for leisure, all your sporting options are covered from cycling to swimming and yoga. There’s also plenty of enriching arts and culture with the support of government initiatives to make Singapore an arts hub of Southeast Asia. So much more than a stopover city, Singapore is a holiday destination in its own right.


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