Slovakia Weather Guide

Slovakia serves up 4 distinct seasons and a variety of topographically influenced weather. From the continental frigidity of the mountain peaks, to the Mediterranean humidity of the lowlands, every sub climate has its little quirks.

Summer: June to August

Summertime bounds through the spring barrier, delivering warm temperatures to southern Slovakia, - expect between 35 to 40 degrees Celsius with middle to low humidity. The alpine region continues to float in the dry category (10 to 16 degrees Celsius) as showers calm continental gusts and the summer monsoon blankets the country. Summer in the basins is short-lived, numbering only 50 days or less, so make the most of the sunshine.

Autumn: September to November

Everything is wet in autumn as wind gusts return and whip pockets of dry air into an alpine frenzy. Closer to lowland areas like Bratislava and Košice, temperatures dip to a mild 16 degrees Celsius, although continuous rainfall and dense fog prevent a range of outdoor activities. You may strike it lucky as early autumn can mirror the last days of August – ideal hiking weather. National temperatures range from 14 degrees Celsius down to 3 degrees Celsius in November.

Winter: December to February

Snow soon covers Slovakia in winter, dumping thick drifts and fields of snow on much of the country. The wonderland of ice, snow and sleet plunges villages and cities into temperatures between 5 degrees to -10 degrees Celsius. Lowlands and basins aren’t treated to this wintry vista all season long as February reduces packed snow to thaw and frost. Alpine regions are blessed with contradictory weather as minus temperatures are characterised by sunny days. Fog is common.

Spring: March to May

Spring is highly unpredictable in Slovakia. While mean temperatures ring in at between 9 degrees to 14 degrees Celsius by mid-May, expect colder weather and dry wind, particularly in the basin areas, and scattered showers as cold fronts compete with Mediterranean influences. If you decide to brave spring here, pack a variety of clothing just in case – you never know what will happen.