Introduction to Slovenia

Slovenia is 20,273 square kilometres of surprises, a sliver of a country that takes just 3 hours to drive across, and neighbouring European it-destinations, Croatia and Italy.Slovenia cures nomadic wanderers of their been-there-seen-that syndrome; it’s simply that good. A fusion of earthly beauty, patchwork architecture, raucous parties, beaches, food and more, Slovenia will soon be your personal haven.

Green thumbs and eco-warriors will be more than at home here, as over 30 percent of this former Yugoslavian state is protected by the European Union’s Natura 2000 network of biodiversity and nature. The landscape seeps into the national narrative, from the surface of Lake Bled to the falls of Vintgar Gorge.

Three distinct climates swirl around Slovenia, creating a fun park of activity. Laze on the Adriatic sands of Izola, dine and indulge in the vineyards of Brda Hills, and feel the chill of the alpine air as you ski, skate or snowboard around Kranjska Gora. Hike, climb, cycle, horse ride, cave, fly or recline, 15 thermal spas offer a relaxing end to your action-packed day. When was the last time you really lived an adventure?

Slovenes aren’t afraid of fun. From the eclectic mix of architectural inspirations, threads of lanes and old streets, start-up restaurants and more bars than you can count; Slovenia hides a fast-paced diversity wedged between obscurity and titillating curiosity. Whether you’re searching for a time machine, a nature park or a continuous good night, Slovenia is a people pleaser.

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