Attention Bavarian foodies, this is your stop. Not a foodie? Well, you still have to eat and there’s no finer place on Earth to do so! Slovenia is the unsung hero of European gastronomy, splicing the flavours of neighbouring lands to present a smorgasbord of ‘oh my’ and ‘more, please’. Before you tuck in, it’s best to get the basics of Slovenia straight.

Visa Requirements

Australian passport holders can enter and travel around Slovenia for 90 days without registering for a visa. Check your passport is valid for the full term of your visit, with at least 6 months remaining until expiry. This information is a general guideline only; contact the Embassy of Slovenia in Canberra for further visa advice.


Slovenia uses the Euro. The exchange rate between the Euro and Australian Dollar varies sharply; keep an eye on rates and exchange your money when it seems best for you. Always let your bank or credit card company know you’re travelling for security reasons and to check what international withdrawal fees may apply.


Chances are you’ve already encountered some of Slovenia’s favourite foods at your nearest Bavarian restaurant; from the sour sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) to the table staple, ričet (barley and beef soup). Slovenians are passionate about putting up filling, hearty nosh without a thought to the calorie counter. Perfected by over 30 regional traditions, jump in mouth first and wrap your taste buds around prekmurska gibanica (cheese, nuts, cake and poppyseed). Sweet tooths will be spoiled again with the iconic walnut roll, a strudel-like pastry stuffed with spices, cinnamon, fruit and nuts. Cured game, pork, lamb and beef are all stop-gaps of the average Slovene diet, although Carniolan pork sausage embodies Slovenia all over - 68 percent pork, 12 percent beef and 20 percent lard. Mmm, yummy!


In Slovenia, the night begins at a restaurant with revellers lining their stomachs with vegetables, sausages and thick meats. After dinner service ends, jazz, funk, hip-hop, techno and live performance venues open their doors to long lines and eager crowds. Laidback vibes emanate from the town of Piran, as Žižola Kantina tempts taste buds with 15 flavours of Slovene brandy. Kranj, the fourth largest city in Slovenia, takes care of the bohemian vibe starring Fokus Bar and a range of international beers, while the cosy and crowded award goes to Artur Bar in Maribor. And the capital of twilight mischief? Ljubljana. Sip on a cocktail at Derbi Bar or enjoy a cold one at the Kratochwill pivovarna. Craft breweries, lively lounges and more, Slovenia pulls no punches when it comes to a good time. 

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