Slovenia Transport Guide

Slovenia is really small. In just under 4 hours and 300 kilometres, you will have seen east Slovenia, central Slovenia and west Slovenia – the perfect country for a road trip! If you’re not keen on driving, there’s heaps of other ways to get around too.

How to get around Slovenia

Despite the popularity of hire cars, public transport still reigns supreme in city and urban areas. Major towns have ticket booths next to the main bus and train stations or you can purchase a ticket upon boarding. Some ticket offices include bilingual information terminals and touchscreen ticketing systems. The public transport network is significantly developed – travellers will be able to explore almost everywhere by bus or train, although driving times will vary. Driving around Slovenia is relatively painless. Each driver is required to have a vignette (road tax); buy yours at a service station or border crossing or face the hefty fine. Police patrols and random breath tests are quite common everywhere in Slovenia, regional areas included. If you’re going out, leave the car at your hotel.