South Korea Currency Guide

South Korea has one national currency, the South Korean Won.


Not all ATMs in South Korea recognise international cards – look for a Global sticker or major credit card logos advertised. Most machines will include English instructions too, unless you’re travelling in regional areas. Some ATMs only dispense money between 9am and 11pm, however there are a few 24/7 withdrawal facilities in Busan, Seoul and Daegu. Where possible, plan ahead and carry backup cash. ATMs are available outside banks and postal services, and inside subway stations, airport terminals, major hotels, convenience stores and shopping centres.


Convert your Australian cash into South Korean Won before you leave and cure any post-arrival hiccups before they happen.  To save yourself the hassle of big wads of cash, pay with credit or debit card where possible.

Credit Card

For big purchases, consider bringing a debit card or credit card with you - Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in South Korea. Just keep in mind that credit cards and debit cards are not always accepted in regional areas.