South Korea Transport Guide

South Korea has perfected public transport right down to their lightning-fast bullet trains. Getting across the country is no problem, even for the uninitiated. With networks and sub-networks of freeways, bus ways, rail lines, subways and roads, South Koreans are passionate about getting somewhere on time, every time.

How to get around South Korea

South Korea is every commuter’s dream. Buses run on time; from regional people movers carrying travellers from city to province to city buses reaching every corner and temple on your to-do list. Trains are a close second, albeit faster, as the KTX bullet train streaks across the country from Seoul to Daegu and Daegu to Busan in a few hours. Cities roll with taxis, buses, subways and trams – which one you choose depends on how much you can afford to pay. Unless you’re comfortable with the Korean language, avoid taxis as drivers generally don’t understand a lot of English.