South Pacific Currency Guide


The South Pacific spans a number of nation-specific currencies, some of which include:

Nation Currency
Fiji Fijian Dollar 
Cook Islands New Zealand Dollar
French Polynesia & New Caledonia French Pacific (CFP) Franc 
Solomon Islands Solomon Islander Dollar 
Vanuatu Vanuatu Vatu 
Samoa Samoan Tala
Tonga Tongan Pa'anga
Hawaii US Dollar


You'll find ATM machines within the main streets and shopping centres of the major cities of the region such as Suva and Honolulu, or in large resorts throughout the South Pacific, which may offer access at a slight extra cost. Most other ATMs are found in towns, business districts and airports. Don't forget to notify your bank before you travel overseas for security purposes and to see what international withdrawal fees may apply to your card.


When travelling in the South Pacific, it's best to carry the local currency wherever possible. This will make it easier for both yourself and the person you are paying. It is very likely you will receive local currency back as change regardless of what currency you decide pay with. Most South Pacific nation currencies including the CFP Franc, Fijian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Tongan Pa'anga, Solomon Islander Dollar, Samoan Tala and US Dollar are available to pre-purchase from Travel Money OZ before you fly.

Travel Card

If you'd like the security that a credit card offers while travelling without the risk of racking up debt, consider purchasing a pre-paid travel money card. Available from Travel Money Oz, cash passports allow you to load your money in the form of New Zealand Dollars, Australian Dollars or US Dollars onto the card. Your money can then be accessed at various ATMS and used wherever MasterCard is accepted. The card has both a security pin and signature required for safe spending.