Spain Transport Guide

Spain is a safe and easy place to access reliable public transport with airports, railway stations, bus stations and ports. It is also possible to arrange your own transport, such as car hire and bicycle rental.

How to get around Spain

Most destinations in Spain are accessible by way of cheap and reliable train and bus services, although domestic air travel is becoming increasingly popular and affordable for those wanting to travel a long distance in a short time. Spain is over 500,000 square kilometres, so be sure to check your distances before you make any plans. Car hire is ideal for the countryside, but can be difficult in major cities owing to frequent traffic jams, complex street systems and limited parking options. Popular options in cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona, include the metro, buses, trains, metered taxis, bicycle hire and, where possible, putting one foot in front of the other works as well. You can head to many of the Spanish islands by boat and some by plane too.