Sweden Transport Guide

As you’d expect, Sweden has an enviable and highly efficient public transport system with trains, buses and ferries. It’s also a great and safe place to drive a hire car.

How to get around Sweden

The rail network in Sweden spans the entire country and is extremely efficient and comfortable too. It’s a great way to see the Swedish countryside and for longer trips, you can jump onboard a sleeper train (also a clever way to save on accommodation costs). There’s also a high-speed train that travels at 200 kilometres an hour. Travelling by bus is another cheap and hassle-free way to see the country. There’s an excellent network that connects cities and towns all over Sweden from south to north. The largest operator is Swebus Express, which travels to over 150 destinations. If you’re under 25, these guys also give you a sweet 20 percent discount. Eurolines is another major provider that’ll take you to 9 destinations in Sweden – they also have sweet discounts for young people, just like you. If you’d prefer to make your own way around, there are plenty of places where you can hire a car in Sweden. Major companies operate out of airports and in the major cities. You can also get around on the water via the country's canal system. Travel the Göta Canal from Stockholm to Gothenburg, and in Gothenburg, you can travel around the city on the Dalsaland Canal by kayak, canoe or boat.