Switzerland Weather Guide

Be prepared for many variations in weather and temperatures in Switzerland. The mountains create many regional microclimates, however in general the climate is similar to most central European countries with summer temps ranging from 18 to 28 degrees Celsius and winters that range from -2 degrees to 7 degrees.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

‘Tis the season to hike and bike in the Swiss Alps or catch some rays by Lake Geneva. The days are long, with the sun setting around 10:30pm, and the temps are warm. Just pack your backpack and go for it! There are some summer storms in the late afternoon though, so plan accordingly and keep an umbrella handy. July and August are the peak periods for travel, so expect higher room rates too. If you’re visiting the cities, stick to smart casual European-style apparel to blend in.

Autumn: September to November

September is still pretty warm, so if you want a Swiss summer experience and don’t want high room rates, book for the end of September. The colder temps will start to set in as autumn kicks on though. Midway in early October, the weather can sometimes get warm again before the chill of winter. Make sure you pack clothes for layering and include a beanie, scarf and gloves.

Winter: December to February

Winter sure does get cold in Switzerland. But if you can bear the chill, this means plenty of snow so you can have the time of your life on the Swiss Alps. The snow season is pretty lengthy too, lasting from December to April so there’s plenty of time to hit the slopes and carve up the powder. It’s busy over Christmas and New Year, so try to avoid travelling then, although the cities and alpine villages are particularly beautiful with the seasonal festivities. There’s actually quite a lot of sunshine in winter too, so don’t forget your sunnies.

Spring: March to May

After a long, chilly winter, springtime is very welcome all over Switzerland. The temps rise and the ice melts, feeding the streams and making it the perfect time to come for whitewater rafting. The countryside is also in bloom and the landscapes couldn’t be any prettier, so make sure you pack your comfy shoes to explore the lake regions and hiking or biking trails. The temps are pretty comfortable, but sometimes a weather phenomenon called Föhn can cause dry hot winds during this season.