Taipei Transport Guide

Public transport in Taipei is safe, convenient and easy to navigate. Get yourself an Easy Card - it’ll save you the hassle of queuing for tickets and fumbling for change on public transport.

How to get around Taipei

Fast and easy to use, the Taipei MRT (metro) makes Taipei City one of the easiest Asian capitals to navigate. Most buses in the city have English signs making Taipei’s most time-honoured mode of transport a great way to see the city from above ground. There are taxi stands around the city but most people just hail one from the side of the road. Most drivers don’t speak English however, so it’s wise to have your destination written in Mandarin before boarding. There isn’t much reason to drive in Taipei but if you do hire a car, make sure your license and insurance is in order. Most of the main tourist destinations are reachable by public transport, so keep it simple and take the subway instead.