Taipei Weather Guide

Taipei has a humid semitropical climate. Summer brings hot weather followed by the occasional typhoon. The most comfortable season to visit is autumn when the rainfall is at its lowest and the temperatures sit around the mid-20s. February to April is particularly damp with little sunlight. Winters are short, mild, and often foggy.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

“Summer in the city, back of my neck getting dirty and gritty” – pretty much sums things up in Taipei City in the summertime. The hottest months are from June to August when the temperature can rise to a muggy 38 degrees Celsius. You might be thankful to see the storm clouds rolling in to ease the heat, but be careful and spend a day indoors if it’s looking particularly blustery. June usually heralds the Dragon Boat Festival or Double Fifth Festival as it is held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

Average temperatures: 25 – 32 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: T-shirts, shorts, dresses, swimwear.
Don’t forget: A hat, SPF 50+ sunscreen, and umbrella.

Autumn: September to November

Typically speaking, the autumn months from September to November is the best time to wander around Taipei - conditions tend to be warm and dry and air pollution is at a minimum. Furthermore, it’s the low season and hotel prices are cheaper. Towards the end of the season you’ll notice a chill in the air as the foggy, cooler weather starts to set in. Check out the Mid-Autumn Festival – a public holiday also known as the Mooncake Festival after the traditional pastries with sweetened red bean paste consumed on this day.

Average temperatures: 21 – 27 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Shorts, t-shirts, jeans and dresses with sneakers or sandals.
Don’t forget: A light jacket.

Winter: December to February

The coldest months are from January to March when the temperature can drop to as low as 13 degrees Celsius. The winter season is an ideal time to visit Taipei; December in particular can be mild but with refreshing temperatures. The city is often shrouded in a pretty dewy fog due to northeasterly winds that sit and keep increasing in the Taipei basin. Enjoy the mild and moderate air before the humidity of the warmer months return. Don’t miss the Lunar New Year festivities marked with the famous Taipei Lantern Festival.

Average temperatures: 13 – 18 degrees Celsius
Appropriate clothing: Jeans, jacket and clothes for layering.
Don’t forget: An umbrella for the occasional downpour and jacket for the northeasterly and nightly winds.

Spring: March to May

Greener grass is aided by increased rainfall in spring as Taipei unwraps from the calm winter. Gradually, the temperature increases as the weather transits from just rainy to typhoon season. Prepare for anything in spring – Taipei can experience 4 seasons in one day during these fresher months. Now is also a good time to head to Yangmingshan National Park to witness the blooms of the Yangmingshan Flower Festival for Taiwan cherry blossoms and Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival where you can pick your own calla lilies.

Average temperatures: 18 – 27 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: T-shirts, shorts, dresses and swimwear.
Don’t forget: An umbrella and a raincoat.