Things to do in Taiwan

Taiwan is full of natural wonders – the country is brimming with hot springs and national parks. Taiwan’s island locale also makes it very conducive to some excellent surf breaks and its lengthy stretch of Pacific coastline has countless underrated surfing spots just waiting to be shredded. Kenting National Park, located on Taiwan’s southernmost tip, is one such fine area for sandy beaches and rolling surf – along with being a haven for snorkelling and diving.

Penghu Islands (Pescadores) is an archipelago in the Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. A popular spot for travellers, here you’ll find blue waters, clear skies, soft white beaches and many cultural scenic spots. In spring and summer, the islands host epic firework festivals; while in autumn and winter, visitors can enjoy some fresh delicious seafood at a series of seafood carnivals.

With over 150 hot springs in Taiwan, you’re never too far from a dip in some therapeutic geothermal waters. Some are pumping into expensive hotels and others are cheap, cheerful and out in the open. Hot Spring Valley in Beitou, north of Taipei, is one of the largest concentrations of hot springs and spas in the world. For other outdoor sights, located in the east of Taiwan is Taroko National Park, which is the country’s most visited national park and sliced in half by the deep-cut Taroko Gorge. This must-see is one of Asia’s top natural wonders.

Visit Taiwan’s forgotten city in the country’s oldest, most charming town of Lukang on the west coast of Taiwan in Changhua County with traditional architecture, beautiful temples and great shopping for unique souvenirs from the island’s most accomplished craftsmen.

For our top places to go in Taiwan, read on.

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 was the world's tallest tower until surpassed by the Burj Khalifa. Those with a head for heights can get their kicks and a panoramic view of the capital from the outdoor observatory deck on the 91st floor.

Buddha Memorial Centre

Immerse yourself in the Buddhist faith of Taiwan and see Southeast Asia's tallest seated Buddha at the Buddha Memorial Centre in Kaohsiung City. The golden Buddha statue stands an impressive 108 metres high.

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

With 15,000 temples in Taiwan and a mix of religions, a must-see is the atmospheric and immense Dragon and Tiger Pagodas on Lotus Lake near Kaohsiung City. Enter the dragon and exit the tiger for good fortune.

Fulong Beach

Summer music festivals, sweet surf conditions, swimming and coastal walks are just a one-hour train ride from Taipei. Join the Taiwanese camping and celebrating the summer months at Fulong Beach.

Sun Moon Lake

One of the country's most popular attractions and its largest lake, Sun Moon Lake has a tiny island called Lalu that makes the planetary shapes in the water that coined its name. Head here to see stunning seasonal changes and explore the natural beauty.