Things to do in Tel Aviv

The Mediterranean Coast is great for water sports, lounging around and swimming during the day, then transitioning with some spectacular sunsets before pockets come to life once more with cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs. There are eight main beaches in Tel Aviv each with their own scene, the most popular being Gordon for families and tourists, Dolphinarium for hipsters, Nordau for Orthodox Jews and another for the LBGT community. Jaffa’s Old City, to the city’s south on top of a hill, is a great place to take in the view of the Sea or explore the gardens and buildings of one of the world’s most ancient towns. Shopping-wise, places like the fancy Rothschild area, Florentine and the Dizengoff Center offer a range of stores and goods from new Israeli designers to vintage items. The Carmel Market is a great place to sample the local cuisine and culture.

Explore the history of the city at the Museum of the History of Tel Aviv, housed aptly in a modernist 1920s building that also happened to be Tel Aviv’s first city hall. While small galleries line many streets, a great place to start are the Noga, Dvir and Sommer Contemporary Art galleries who are often credited with keeping the art scene alive. You will not miss the bright red, oval and swooping Design Museum. A trip to Tel Aviv is not complete without a tour or self-guided journey through the some 4000 UNESCO World Heritage-listed Bauhaus architecture buildings.The city’s indie scene as well as traditional street and beach parties make for a great night out any day of the week.

Tel Aviv Promenade

Set against the majestic Mediterranean Coast, Tel Aviv Promenade is the perfect place to waste the day and night away. Think sunsets, beaches, people watching, cafes, strolling, bike riding and even BYO drum jam sessions.

Tel Aviv Port

Welcome to the commercial and entertainment district of Tel Aviv, an old port dating back to the 1930s that after years of non-use has been transformed into one of the city’s most picturesque and popular areas.

Ramat Gan Safari

Also known as Safari Ramat Gan, Ramat Gan Safari is a zoological centre featuring the largest collection of wildlife under human supervision in the Middle East. The zoo’s vast area has a strong African animal presence and its breeding records for elephants is world renowned.

Design Museum

Tel Aviv’s Design Museum is itself of noteworthy design. You will have no trouble finding this curvaceous, swirly ruby-red piece of architecture that houses impression international design exhibitions year-round.

Bauhaus Center

Explore, learn and experience the impressive architecture of Tel Aviv’s White City. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring some 4,000 German design-inspired buildings dating back to early last century. It’s ‘building art’, people.