Tel Aviv Weather Guide

Located on the Mediterranean Coast, Tel Aviv enjoys near year-round sunshine making it a great place to visit throughout the year.

Winter: November to March

The days are comfortably warm most of the time in Tel Aviv, but the nights can get cool during winter. That’s right, winters are mild in Tel Aviv owing to the city’s proximation to the Mediterranean Coast. If you don’t mind some rain (which turns the whole country green by the end of March), it’s a great time to visit the popular tourist sites thanks to fewer crowds. Each January/February, thousands of Israeli children sing and dance and plant trees all over the country for Arbor Day, why not grab your green thumb and join in?

Average Temperature: 13 to 18 degrees Celsius
Don’t forget: comfortable walking shoes and jacket, preferably waterproof

Summer: April to October

Summers are humid in Tel Aviv, yet if the heat is going to bother you it will only be in July and August. April to May, a mini spring, can be very unpredictable in terms of weather from heat waves to cold snaps. June offers the best conditions of the year, with pleasant temperatures perfect for pretty much everything in Tel Aviv from beaches and parks to tourist sites, restaurants, shopping and all-night parties. Tel Aviv Dance is a month-long international dance festival with all sorts of dancing and dancers from across Europe performing throughout the city.

Average Temperatures: 19 to 26 degrees Celsius
Don’t forget: swimwear, dancing shoes and something modest for religious sites