Introduction to Tokyo

Where else in the world can you dine and watch bikini babes stage mock battles using enormous robots? Have a tiny 10-centimetre replica figurine of you created? Or go to a museum that’ll show you the future? It's all in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. And we haven’t even mentioned Japanese gameshows yet.

Yep, Tokyo sure is one of a kind. It’s an assault in the senses with so many little pockets of awesomeness. Shibuya, Roppongi, Harajuku, Shinjuku and Ginza, just for starters. Tokyo is bursting with super-fantastic happy times. And, while there’s plenty of good times to go around, there sure are a lot of people to share them with, almost 9 million to be exact. While there are loads of people everywhere all the time, everything seems to flow. They’re an efficient and polite bunch in Tokyo.

There’s something for all sorts. It’s hard to single out specifically what you should include on your Tokyo Itinerary. It’s a 24-hour city, where being bored isn’t an option. Dig cars? You can live out your ‘Fast and the Furious’ fantasies and go ‘Tokyo drifting’ on a designated course. Anime-lover? Don’t miss the shrine to Miyazaki, the Ghibli Museum. Fancy yourself the next Australian Idol? There are more karaoke bars that you can poke your mike at in Tokyo with some particularly awesome spots in Shibuya and Roppongi.

Oh and FYI, you can see the aforementioned robot battle at the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, have your 3D replica figurine created by Omote 3D or The Watts Works and ‘the hall of the future’ or the Miraikan, Japan’s ultimate science, tech and innovation museum, is in Koto. You’re welcome. Now it’s your turn!

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