Things to do in Tokyo

It’s easier to decide what not to do in Japan’s capital. While most people don’t fly into this technicolour city for a traditional Japanese experience, there’s plenty of sights that’ll show you the imperial side of Japan. You can stop by the Imperial Palace for starters. And if you time it right, you’ll get to see the royal family (albeit, behind glass). There’s also loads of temples and shrines around the city too. You won’t walk far without stumbling across one.

You see the nation’s most traditional sport here too – sumo. Stomp your way to Ryogoku Kokugikan to see a bout or check out the onsite museum. You can also find loads of relaxing onsen (hot springs or bathing facilities) in Tokyo too, so there’s no need to travel to far-flung nooks in the country to experience this traditional Japanese ritual. In Tokyo there’s a large variety of bathing options from old-school public baths, theme park-style complexes and cosy, simple onsens too.

And there’s shopping, colourful sights and sounds all over, not to mention karaoke spots, every museum under the sun and plenty of places where you can make your own fun. Dance-Dance Revolution dance-off? Ping pong? Exploring Love Hotel Hill? Cosplay costumes? It’s all here to explore in Tokyo.

Once again, it’s easier to decide what not to do, but if you do need some tips, here are some of our favourite haunts in Tokyo.

Tokyo Disneyland

Make your inner child squeal with joy at Tokyo Disneyland. It’s everything you love about the regular Disneyland with a Japanese twist.


It’s fashion central, sub-culture central and home to the famous pouting Harajuku girls in Tokyo that’ll have you snap-happy. It’s also a little misunderstood, so read on to find out why.


Roppongi is a tourist mecca. Its foreigner-friendly bars, restaurants and nightclubs attract tourists from all over the world. It’s also near a large expat community and many embassies in Tokyo.


Here, there’s hip bars, internationally-renowned nightclubs, fancy eats, cheap and cheerful bites too, the infamous Love Hotel Hill and the fashion – oh, the fashion. You’d better keep that credit card handy.

Ryogoku Kokugikan

Part sport, part theatre, sumo wrestling is not something you want to miss. You can catch some of the best tournaments at this stadium with 15-day events every January, May and September.