Tokyo Transport Guide

The transport system in Tokyo is possibly one of the best in the world. It’s a super-efficient network of trains, buses and trams that’ll take you all over the city.

How to get around Tokyo

Trains are arguably the best way for foreigners to get around Tokyo. The JR Train lines will take you pretty much anywhere in the city and they’re frequent and very reasonably priced. And most importantly, the stops are labelled in English too. Some people do find the trains a little confusing initially, but get the hang of it pretty quickly. The main thing to remember is Tokyo is serviced by many train lines including municipal and private inner-city subway trains and private suburban trains. Just note, the system shuts between 1am and 5am. Where the trains don’t go, the buses will. However, it can be a little trickier catching the bus because the stops are written in Kanji characters, so opt for a tram instead. Unless you’ve got money to burn, avoid taxis in Toyko. However, if there’s no other option, have your destination address written down in Japanese just in case. Car hire is also available in Japan for pretty reasonable prices, just be aware that Tokyo traffic is pretty hectic. Water taxis also travel around certain parts of Tokyo.