Introduction to Toronto

Looking straight over the choppy water of Lake Ontario, Toronto is situated in the southeast of the country sitting on the dividing border between Canada and the United States. Despite being Canada's largest city, one in two Torontonians are not actually native to the city and, due to immigration, this has resulted in a mix of cultures spanning Asian, European, Caribbean and Latin American backgrounds. Toronto embraces its multiculturalism, making it a great place to visit with a variety of cultures, cuisines and traditions coming together. Mind-steaming curries, European tall coffees and Asian noodle soups along with thousands of other wonderful combinations are all available to sample when wandering the streets of Toronto.

The people of Toronto are friendly and genuine when interacting with visitors, remembering that travellers to this city were the original building blocks of the society it has today. The city's centre is where a lot of the action happens and it's also home to two universities, which are surrounded by retail outlets and eateries.

Toronto is well known to some for its artistic culture and highly regarded orchestras, which play throughout the year to sell-out audiences. The Toronto International Film Festival, which takes place throughout September, lays down the gauntlet for street performances to swarm the city in a colourful month-long cultural bonanza.

While an Ontario winter is nothing to sneeze at, the CBD can smartly be navigated underground via the PATH downtown Toronto subterranean pedestrian walkway - 30 kilometres of entertainment, shopping,services and dining. Emerge in the summer to laze all day on a beach or snap picture after picture at the Toronto Zoo. Having a day trip out of the city centre is a must as activities don't stop upon leaving the CBD boundary. After all, once the day is over the downtown city area is always waiting to entice travellers back with its seemingly nonstop nightlife.

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