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A traditional Canadian sporting pastime, ice hockey is played throughout the country and remains as popular as ever. The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the infamous 'Original 6' in Canada and has a rich history along with a diehard following. Lookout for the sea of blue-and-white jerseys flocking to home games staged in the Air Canada Centre on Bay Street in the Downtown district of Toronto.

The National Hockey League (NHL) season starts in the first week of October and runs until mid-April and pre-season friendly matches usually take place in September where the NHL teams play teams from further afield. The Maple Leafs have won 13 Stanley Cup Championships, which currently places them second place overall behind their fierce sporting rivals, Montreal Canadians, who have won 24 Stanley Cups.

The Maple Leafs have 3 main rivals, which have fluctuated in levels of fierceness over the years depending on performance and league position. The Montreal Canadians are unquestionably the biggest and most longstanding rivals of the club as both teams top the historical NHL rankings. The Detroit Wings has been in constant tense competition with the Leafs with clashes dating back to the 1920s, while the Ottawa Senators have seen an increase in rivalry during the late 1990s with hockey fans dubbing their matches against the Leafs as 'The Battle of Ontario'.

Be sure to plan a trip to see the Maple Leafs play in Toronto early as tickets can sell out very quickly due to the popularity of both the sport and the team. Tickets can cost anywhere from C$35 to C$200 or more depending on the seat position and particular game. Tickets can be purchased online through the Toronto Maple Leafs official website.

40 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America

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