Canada's largest zoo

Located on the city's east side in the Rouge Valley, Toronto Zoo opened in 1974 and is the largest in Canada encompassing 287 hectares, which is divided into 7 sections respresenting different regions of the world. Around 5,000 animals from over 500 different species including invertebrates live in either indoor tropical habitats or outside, if their natural environment is similar to the Canadian climate. As well as the abundance of wildlife to be seen at the zoo, Splash Island and Kids Zoo areas are on hand as well.

Toronto Zoo is very passionate about the welfare of animals across the world and has been running a program to conserve endangered species for many years including the black-foot ferret, lowland gorillas and polar bears. The zoo’s most recent additions - all the way from China on a 10-year loan - are two giant pandas. Da Mao, a male, and a female companion by the name of Er Shun have been settling into their new habitat and have given the zoo a unique opportunity to educate visitors about endangered animals throughout the world. You can do a meet and greet at the Xie Shou Giant Panda Experience to see the pair in action.

Other regions and environments you can explore include the Malayan Wood exhibit with clouded leopards and endangered butterflies native to this area, as well as African lions, penguins and cheetahs of the African Savannah. Most visitors will want to check out the Canadian Domain where you can see native creatures like moose, cougars, bison, lynx, grizzly bears, racoons, elk, and bald eagles. If you're looking for that enduring symbol of Canada, the beaver, you'll find these mammals in the Americas area, along with prarie dogs. There's also a Tundra Trek that includes the polar bear habitat and underwater viewing area.

Open every day from 9:30am to 4:30pm (except Christmas Day), to get to Toronto Zoo, take the 86A or 85 bus to outside the zoo entrance, or take the GO train to Rouge Hill and hop on the 85 bus.



2,000 Meadowvale Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America

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