Toronto Transport Guide

Toronto has an efficient and extensive public transport system, which spans nearly 4,000 kilometres of bus, subway, streetcar and rapid transit (RT) routes. With so many options, there's never really a need to catch a cab or hire a car - although these are always an option.

How to get around Toronto

Getting around the downtown area of Toronto is a breeze, however public transport can get congested during peak hours so try to avoid options like taxis, streetcars and buses that use the road during these times. There are 3 subway lines, a RT line and 11 streetcar routes servicing Toronto. One ticket will allow you to travel in one direction for one continuous ride, or you can purchase a day pass, which can be used for unlimited travel on all modes of public transport except Downtown Express buses. A day pass can be purchased from any station where you can also pick up a ride guide to make your journey a little less stressful. People in the city streets are usually very friendly and willing to offer directions to visitors, so don't be afraid to ask. The grid-structured city streets are also easy to navigate on foot or by bike, however if it all gets too much or too cold, just hail a cab off the street to your desired destination.