Introduction to Turkey

Rich history. Check. Meaningful experiences for Aussies. Check. Incredible white sandy beaches. Check. Soaring mountains. Check. Food that’ll have you come back for more. Cheque please!

Bound by tall mountains and vast open seas, Turkey is a natural beauty that was once home to some pretty marvellous sorts – Ottoman sultans, the Byzantine Christians of Cappadocia, Romans and medieval Armenians. Today’s Turkish folk are just as spectacular. They’re a passionate bunch, proud of their culture and heritage. It's a culture and history they love to share with visitors too, so get onboard by soaking in an Ottoman hamam, wrapping your lips around a kebab that’d put any Aussie gyro experience to shame, and hustling with the best of them in a market bazaar.

Bound by the European and Middle-Eastern countries of Greece, Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia and Georgia, Turkey is where Europe meets Asia. Its land is quite varied and surprising with Aegean beaches, seaside resorts, mountains, and modern cosmopolitan cities. Its largest city, Istanbul, is home to enormous market bazaars, a buzzing nightlife and historic attractions. In Cappadocia and the southwest coast, you can lap up the sunshine, do every watersport under the sun, trek, and go horse riding. Cappadocia’s capital, Antalya, is a beach town with lovely ocean-view restaurants, teashops and museums. And Turkey's capital, Ankara, is the country's second-largest city.

There’s even an underground city here in Turkey – the city of Derinkuyu. This 8-level city was built for people trying to escape persecution during the Roman Empire. Today, you can learn about the city’s history, see its churches, kitchens, cellars and more. If you’re a little claustrophobic though, maybe give this one a wide berth!

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