Turkey Weather Guide

With a total size of almost 800,000 square kilometres, the weather in Turkey is quite varied. The north has an oceanic climate, the south is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and the interior regions have a continental climate where you can expect 4 seasons in a day.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

There’s no sugar-coating it, summers are hot, hot, hot in Turkey with temps peaking at 45 degrees Celsius. The seaside resorts are crowded and prices have peaked, but there’s a real buzz in the resorts. Cities like Istanbul are less crowded, but the southern region is the place to be in summer. If you’re travelling when Kurban Bayramı (an Islamic religious festival) is being held, expect epic crowds. ATMs will even run out of money while this 5-day festival is on, so prepare accordingly.

Autumn: September to November

September and October are arguably the best time to visit Turkey with lovely warm weather, smaller crowds and lower room rates in some coastal areas and beach resorts. It is high season in Istanbul and Cappadocia though, so make sure you book your accommodation in advance. In October you can expect a little bit of rain but not enough to dampen your holiday.

Winter: December to February

Apart from southeastern Turkey, winter is chilly and rainy with temperatures getting as low as -15 degrees Celsius. The southeast region stays pretty temperate, so if you don’t like crowds it’s not a bad time to visit these areas. The prices will be lower too, but be aware that some tourist sites and places along the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black seas will close from mid-October to April. In winter, the northern regions of Turkey and Istanbul are popular spots to visit.

Spring: March to May

For the most memorable Anzac Day ever, this is the time of year to visit Turkey. But if you don’t have a special connection to this historic event, you’d best steer clear of Gallipoli on April 25. The crowds are enormous. Weather-wise, spring is quite moderate and the days are quite long all over the country. April can bring a little rain though, but nothing to worry about. It’s high tourist season in Istanbul and Cappadocia, but the beach resorts are cheaper at this time of year.