Introduction to Vancouver

Only around 150 years young, the city of Vancouver in the Canadian province of British Columbia was founded by an Englishman, who landed and decided to build a makeshift pub. With this kind of history, there is little wonder that Vancouver now has such a developed nightlife with a huge variety of pubs, bars and clubs. There is a scene to suit everyone where you can split a bottle of British Columbia wine or share a microbrew with some like-minded locals.

Not only does Vancouver have a diverse nightlife, but it's also one of the few cities where you could theoretically snowboard in the mountains, surf at the beach, trek through the rainforest and play a round of golf all in one day, due to its varied natural surroundings in close proximity to the city. Vancouver is also an extremely multicultural city offering a wide range of international cuisines and festivals. Vancouver's Chinese heritage comes to life in a explosion of colour and excitement during the Chinese New Year parade, while the Vancouver City Hall Lights program ensures important cultural and religious holidays are all celebrated with an incredible lights display.

This amazing city is frequently voted as one of the best cities to live in the world, and it's easy to see why. Vancouver is home to incredible beaches, dense forests, snow-capped mountains and a river that runs around 3 sides of the city facilitating plenty of outdoor activities like swimming, trekking, snowboarding, kayaking and much more. Do spend time in the fabulous outdoors, even if you just take a stroll and have a picnic in  the 400-hectare Stanley Park, Vancouver's oldest and largest parklands. A must-do in Stanley Park is a trip to Beaver Lake where you'll find a number of native animals and plants including the beaver, one of Canada's national animals.

Beyond Vancouver's natural elements, it is also an incredibly cultured city offering world-class museums and galleries, such as Vancouver Art Gallery, plus opera and theatre performances to keep you busy. Be sure to try as many of the cafes along Commercial Drive as possible for great coffee and unforgettable food. If you're travelling to Vancouver in April, make sure you experience the Sakura Days Japan Fair underneath the cherry blossoms as the Vancouverites celebrate one of the many cultures that make up their multicultural society.

For more must-dos in Vancouver, check out our things to do page and start planning your Vancouver holiday.

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