Introduction to Zagreb

Those spectacular coastal images of Croatian summers often cause Zagreb to be overshadowed, unjustly so. Sure, you’ll have a killer time on the Croatian coast, but there is so much to discover in Zagreb as well with its 19th century palaces, medieval towers, ancient cathedrals and open-air markets. It’s the kind of place where Eastern Europe meets Western Europe. You’ll find old-world, Austro-Hungarian architecture and lo-fi pubs mashed up with high-fashion boutiques and fancy restaurants.

Located in the northwest of Croatia on the Sava River, Zagreb has been the capital of Croatia since it claimed independence from Yugoslavia in 1995. It’s a place where locals love to get out in the sunshine, take time out of their day for life’s little joys and appreciate a peaceful life after years of war and struggle.

Despite the years of war, you’ll still find many buildings intact. There’s even an area in Zagreb that dates back to the 1st century. This old settlement was once a Roman town, but is now known as Šćitarjevo.

And, while it’s not on the coast, you can still be a water baby here. Head to Jarun Lake to swim and go boating. You can even put your dancing shoes on here and go for a boogie at the lakeside disco. But if you’re not an outdoorsy sort, you can spend your holiday in Zagreb exploring the many museums, galleries or maybe take in a concert – there always seems to be one happening.

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