Introduction to Zurich

While this Swiss capital has carved itself a name as one of the world’s largest financial centres, there’s so much more to Zurich than Swiss bank accounts and tax breaks. The new Zurich is home to trendy bars, swanky restaurants, fashion strips, pumping clubs and a vibrant neo-Euro attitude – and that means partying into the early hours.

Fashionably late is a way of life in Zurich. Parties don’t really get going until around 11pm here and once they kick off, they just keep going until the punters have had enough – there’s no official closing time. In summer, the action’s not just happening inside clubs, there are parties out in the open-air too. There are loads of venues with swimming pools where you start the day catching a few rays and then dance into the night. Zurich is also home to Europe’s largest techno-parade – Streetparade. Dance music lovers from all over Switzerland and the world flock to the streets of Zurich in August for this dance event held along the side of Lake Zurich.

But it’s not all party-party, if you’re an art lover you’ll dig Zurich too. The city has over 50 museums (including 14 art museums), 100 art galleries and also has one of the most notable theatres in the (German-speaking) world. Head to the famed Kunsthaus to see a fine collection of sculptures, paintings, photographs and an extensive collection of work by Swiss sculptor, printmaker, painter and draughtsman Alberto Giacometti. The Rietberg Museum is another popular art museum that looks a little like a fairy-tale castle. The city is also famous for its shopping on the Bahnhofstrasse – this designer label street rivals the Champs Elysses.

Located on the breathtakingly beautiful Limmat river and Lake Zurich with views over the snowcapped alps, Zurich is one spectacular city. Traditionalists will love the quaint architecture with church steeples rising in front of mountains and its medieval old town – an awesome historical area that’s loved by locals and tourists alike. 

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