Zurich Currency Guide


Zurich uses the Swiss Franc


In Zurich, ATMs are called Bancomats (when they’re in banks) and Postomats (in Post Offices). There are plenty of postomats and bancomats all over town that are accessible 24/7. Most can be used with international bank cards or credit cards. Generally your bank will charge a fee to use the ATMs. Before you leave, contact you bank to make sure you can use your card overseas.


Despite having the Swiss Franc as the national currency, you’ll find many hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops will also accept Euros – though change will be given in Francs. So if you’re only planning on being in Switzerland for a short time on your European adventure, you can probably get by without changing your currency. Euros and Swiss Francs can be purchased from Travel Money Oz before you go. 

Credit Cards

It’s always a good idea to travel with a credit card. You never know when you’ll need one in an emergency. In Zurich you’ll find credit cards aren’t used as frequently as they are here in Australia. Not every shop, hotel or restaurant will take cards, but there are many places that do.