Zurich Weather Guide

Zurich is in the north of Switzerland, so it gets a fairly temperate climate. Because of its urbanisation and the humid Atlantic breezes that blow in from the west, Zurich doesn’t have severe extremes in its weather. Summers are lovely reaching around 23 degrees. In winter it does cool off, with temps near freezing.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

Summer days are long and lovely with more daylight and temperatures around 23 degrees Celsius. The longer days promise more parties during July and August. This time of year is also when the most tourists are around and that means higher room rates. Rain levels are also higher in June and August. If you’re around in June and July, make sure you check out the Zurich Festival – a festival with opera, drama, dance in an open-air theatre. Street Parade is also on every year in August too.

Average temperatures: 11 – 24 degrees Celsius
Appropriate clothing: Light layers, jeans, t-shirts and a jumper for night time.
Don’t forget: An umbrella

Autumn: September to November

Autumn is a lovely time to visit, especially in September. The crowds have left, the rain has gone and the temperatures are still pretty warm. It really does cool off in November though, with temps as low as 2 degrees. It stays sunny until around the end of October. If you’re around from the end of September until the start of October you’ll be able to catch a flick from the Zurich Film Festival.

Average temperatures: 2 – 20 degrees Celsius
Appropriate clothing: Light to warm layers, jeans, t-shirts, scarf and jumpers.
Don’t forget: A big coat for night time

Winter: December to February

We’re not going to lie to you - winter here is pretty freezing. In January daytime temps hover around 2 degrees and at night drop below freezing, creating frost that hangs around until morning. There’s plenty of snow in Zurich during winter making the streets quite pretty, but slippery. Winter isn’t the most ideal time to visit, because the days are quite short.

Average temperatures: -2 – 6 degrees Celsius
Appropriate clothing: Lots of warm layers, a big coat, beanie, scarf and gloves.  
Don’t forget: Your hot water bottle!

Spring: March to May

Bye bye winter! Spring is a welcome reprieve from the cold. March temperatures will reach around 8 degrees and by the end of May temps are as high as 20 degrees. Spring is quite a pleasant time to visit Zurich as there’s not too much rain, the crowds of tourists haven’t arrived yet and the air has a nice crisp feeling. If you make it to Zurich in April, check out the spring festival called Sechseläuten.

Average temperatures: 1 – 20 degrees Celsius
Appropriate clothing: Light and warm layers  like jeans, t-shirts, jumpers and a scarf.  
Don’t forget: A coat for night time.