Easter in South Africa means it is time to make the pilgrimage to the longest running music festival in the country. Situated on a farm Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal, Splashy Fen or 'Splashy' to loyal followers offers the best of local music and outdoor goodness in peaceful surrounds over the four-day weekened. Often seen as Africa's Glastonbury yet more intimate with around 10,000 attendees, head to Splashy Fen for non-stop music, river swimming, horse riding and even hot air ballooing.


Splashy Fen has been all about local music and outdoor goodness for the past 25 years. Held in a paddock in Underberg, Kwazulu Natal the festival is kind of like South Africa's Glastonbury but with just around 10,000 peaceful attendees. With new management in 2016, Splashy Fen has a revived energy surrounding the festival. Organisers are even calling it The Revival and supporters are excited to see the iconic event return to its former glory. Get ready to camp, for weather extremes (bring your bathers for a swim) and for outside activities for this super pleasant and melodic Easter weekend.

There are established accommodation options in the nearby town but do be ready for mud and/or sun. Plenty of hikes and a nearby river perfect for swimming are waiting for you. Live music including traditional African music takes place on two main stages and in-between sets get ready for environmentally friendly fun be it bathing in the river, hiking, hot air ballooning, horse riding, sampling the abundant cuisine options or shopping for local crafts at the African markets. This is a great festival to attend as part of a wider South African tour - ask Universal Traveller to hook you up.


When is it?

18th March 2016 to 21st March 2016

Tips and tricks

  • Camping is included in the ticket price, but there are plenty of accommodation options in nearby Underberg if it's not your thing. Bring earplugs if you're an early-to-bed person.

  • Splashy Fen is a popular event. Ask Universal Traveller to help with flights to nearby Durban airport as well as transfers to the farm (just over 200kms from the airports), insurance and accommodation.

  • Bring loo paper, water and pack for hot sunny days and sometimes cold nights.┬áThere are a variety of food options onsite as well as amenities.

  • Local authorities have been known to start road-blocks early-on to search for illegal substances. If driving be warned the roads to the farm can get rough.

  • Enjoy meeting all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds.

  • No glass is allowed on-site.

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