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Cross a Seven Wonder of the Ancient World off your travel to-do list and hightail it to Egypt to sample the sights of the Great Pyramid of Giza for yourself. From the hustle and bustle of Cairo to the breathtaking panorama of the Red Sea and plenty of pyramids and pharaohs in between, a trip to Egypt will convince you that you should have listened more in ancient history class. Some top sights include Mount Catherine, the Citadel, Khan Al-Khalili bazaar, Abu Simbel and the Temples of Karnak, and to get you there, Universal Traveller can find you some of the cheapest flights to Egypt with a bunch of reputable airlines.

Flights from Australia to Egypt will usually touch down at Cairo International Airport (CAI), which is just 40 kilometres from the Pyramids of Giza, or Hurghada International Airport (HRG), the gateway to Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera. To make your way into Cairo from the airport, you can choose from public transport, shuttle services, taxis or even a limousine. Our Universal Traveller consultants can help you organise stress-free transfers, just ask.

Egypt Flights

Flights from Australia to Egypt depart from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with connections available from other capital cities. The flight time is between 23 and 25 hours with at least one stopover. The good news is that stopovers include fantastic opportunities to explore Dubai, Singapore or London. While you're in the air, airlines will provide food, drink and entertainment onboard. For more information and services, check out our airline guide.

Airlines that fly to Egypt

Major airlines that fly from Australia to Egypt:

Egypt Holiday Packages

Make like a pharaoh at any number of full-service hotels across Egypt, and be spoiled for choice when it comes to hostels if you’re budgeting on a shoestring. Our savvy and well-travelled Universal Traveller travel consultants can help you to pick the best holiday packages and add-ons to plan your Egyptian tour down to the minute. Universal Traveller can also help you unlock free hotel nights and complimentary breakfasts, tickets and awesome tour opportunities to add value to your Egyptian trip of a lifetime.

About Egypt

To find out where festivals, music, cinema and dancing all began, discover Egypt,  which is considered to be one of the oldest civilisations in the world. But it’s not all about papyrus and Ptolemy, Egypt is a rapidly growing modern country with bustling cities and a vibrant cultural scene. If you want nightlife, you can’t forget to visit Na’Ma Bay, and if you feel inclined to favour festivals, think camels at the South Sinai Camel Festival, treasures at the the temple of Abu Simbel, and legends and tall tales in Leylet en-Nuktah. Egypt has an array of eclectic markets with fresh produce and trinkets on offer and a wide range of accommodation to suit your traveller tastes and budgetary needs. The food is sourced fresh from the Nile valley and served banquet-style and the folklore and fairytales will keep you awake until the wee small hours.

To find your perfect Egyptian escape, head to our Egypt Travel Guide. Don’t be shy in asking for help when it comes to planning your whirl around the ancient wonders and ring one of our friendly Universal Traveller travel consultants or drop into one of our stores for the latest on flights, accommodation and tours.

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