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What’s so impressive about a giant rock? Discover what the hype is about yourself, thanks to the cheap flights to Ayers Rock with Universal Traveller. Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, is a 300 million-year-old red rock, originally from a sea floor and sacred to local Aborigines. Nestled within the picturesque Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Ulura is must-see on your Australia wish list. Universal Traveller can help arrange flights, accommodation and holiday or tour packages for your trip to the Red Centre - ask us how today.

Flights to Ayers Rock arrive at Ayers Rock Airport, also known as Connellan Airport, which is located at Yulara and some 20 minutes' drive from Uluru itself. To get from the airport to your accommodation and city centre, several transport companies will meet you at the airport. Some hotels and resorts will also offer a shuttle service. Speak to your Universal Traveller travel consultant for advice on private transfers.

Ayers Rock Flights

There are multiple daily flights to Ayers Rock from Sydney, Cairns and Alice Springs. Flights from Sydney take about 3.5 hours and during the flight, airlines will often provide drinks and meals. For specific services, check out our airline guide.

Airlines that fly to Ayers Rock

Major airlines that fly to Ayers Rock:

Ayers Rock Holiday Packages

Universal Traveller has a variety of cheap holiday packages to Ayers Rock, which can cover flights, accommodation, food, tours and activities, depending on which option you choose. Find the right holiday package to Uluru for you with Universal Traveller, contact us today.

About Ayers Rock

It’s possible to not only walk around Uluru, which is about a 10-kilometre trek, but you can also enjoy breathtaking sunsets and sunrises from the west and east sides respectively. It’s also possible to explore some of the caves (others are off limits as they are sacred to locals) and during your tour you will encounter all sorts of birds and mammals native to the area. Uluru- Kata Tjuta National Park is breathtaking and nearby there’s great camping at Yulara as well as walking tracks at The Olgas. If you’re looking to travel outback, why not rent a four-wheel drive or book a 4WD tour?

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