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Glitz, glamour, 7-star hotels and skyscrapers that stretch into the next millennium, this is Dubai and you don’t want to miss a single detail. Home to Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, Dubai is the city you can’t even consider entering without a pretty decent camera in hand – such are the panoramas available from any number of the skyscrapers you will encounter. A must-see includes Dubai Creek, one of the oldest areas of Dubai that you can cross for just a single Dirham at sunset to listen to the evening prayer at any number of mosques that line the shore. Universal Traveller can get you to Dubai for as few Dirhams as possible with our range of cheap flights on offer. Plus, if you’re under 26, a student or teacher, you can try one of the world’s best curries at the infamous Ravi in Dubai for even less Dirhams with our exclusive Student Flights deals.

A flight from Australia to the most influential city of the United Arab Emirates will arrive at the monstrous Dubai International Airport (DBX). Located 4.6 kilometres east of Dubai, it is the busiest airport and home to the biggest airline hub in the Middle East. Dubai International Airport’s mighty Terminal 3 is not only the biggest airport terminal in the world, but it's also the largest building by floor space! The airport is a tourist attraction in itself with shopping, dining, open-air gardens, 3 hotels and numerous business centres. Well-connected to the city centre by a train service (metro), bus services and taxis, the ground transportation is well signed and affordable.

Dubai Flights

A direct flight from Sydney to Dubai will take 14.5 hours, departure from Brisbane has a flight time of 14 hours and 20 minutes, from Melbourne just on 14 hours, Adelaide will jet you there in 13 hours 15 minutes and from Perth,  a mere 11 hours. Departure from other capital cities will require a domestic flight to one of the above locations or a stopover in Singapore or Qatar. For more information on these direct flight options and more, click on our airline guide.

Airlines that fly to Dubai

Major airlines that fly from Australia to Dubai:

  • Qantas
  • Qatar Airways
  • Etihad
  • Emirates Airways
  • Singapore Airlines

Dubai Holiday Packages

Universal Traveller travel consultants are highly experienced and, most importantly, well-travelled. They can help you work out the best holiday package, with hotels right near one of Dubai’s pristine public parks if this is what takes your fancy, or any number of transfers or add-ons that your heart desires. Talk to us for the best Dubai holiday packages.

About Dubai

One of the 7 emirates that make up the vast United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a desert city that looks anything but, as the streets are practically paved with diamonds and dripping with culture and couture. If you can spare the Dirhams, head to the Burj Al Arab, a 7-star hotel with unspeakably amazing views across the entire city and enough comforts to keep you well rested for your days spent at Ski Dubai perhaps – an indoor ski field like nothing else you’ve ever experienced before. Check out the Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk or the Dubai Marina right next door and find out how old Dubai intersects with new Dubai. Book in a desert safari and learn all about the Bedouin existence and be bold and try the shisha while you’re there – an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience you will certainly never regret, find out more here.Our Universal Traveller travel consultants can offer you the best advice possible on the latest deals and info about flights, accommodation and tours, so call or head in-store today.

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