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From humpback whales, turtles and whale sharks to heritage buildings, national parks and swimming gorges, there’s plenty to see in the Exmouth and the Coral Bay area located in Western Australia’s cape. Universal Traveller can help arrange cheap flights to Exmouth as well as accommodation, tours and holiday packages - ask us how today.

Flights to Exmouth arrive at the RAAF and civilian-combined Learmonth Airport (LEA), which is 36 kilometres outside of the city centre. To get from the airport to your accommodation and city centre, there is a shuttle bus as well as cars for hire. Some hotels and resorts will also offer a shuttle service. Speak to your Universal Traveller travel consultant for advice on private transfers.

Exmouth Flights

There are direct flights to Exmouth from Perth, which can connect you to other parts of Australia and the world. Flights from Perth take about 2 hours and during the flight, airlines will often provide drinks and meals. For specific services, check out our airline guide.

Airlines that fly to Exmouth

Major airlines that fly to Exmouth:

Exmouth Holiday Packages

Let Universal Traveller find you a cheap holiday package to Exmouth, covering flights, accommodation, food, tours and activities. We’ll have you up close and personal with turtles, revelling in the company of the majestic humpback whales or four wheel-driving rugged outback tracks in no time. Best yet, there will be somewhere cosy to rest your head after such an eventful day. Contact Universal Traveller for more information on Exmouth holiday packages.

About Exmouth

There’s loads of beaches, camping, lookouts, hiking trails, diving, eating and watering holes, shopping, boating and fishing opportunities to be had in Exmouth and in the Coral Coast region. Each winter (July to November), the Exmouth Gulf becomes home to the highest number of humpback whales in the Southern hemisphere; while from November to March, turtles nest along the Ningaloo Coast — check them out at the Jurabi Turtle Centre. Find out everything you need to know about the surrounding marine and national parks at the Milyering Discovery Centre.

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