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Don’t despair if you forget to take something to Japan, you’re likely to find a vending machine that sells that item tenfold. From noodles to underwear, the Japanese value the culture of convenient shopping and as soon as you touch down in Tokyo you will be clambering to throw your Yen at a vending machine to experience the novelty of buying an umbrella, pair of knickers, fresh egg or necktie from any of the zillions of vending machines located across this bright and beautiful country. But despite the kitsch and kooky, Japan is also home to rich historical sites like Kyoto where you can stay in a traditional tatami mat room at the Eko-In before heading off to Ski Niseko for a spot of snowboarding, or soaking in a natural spring in Dogo, Shikoku. Universal Traveller has a number of cheap flights to get you to Japan and back within budget. Plus, if you’re under 30, a student or teacher, you could be busting some barbecue meat out of a vending machine quicker than you can say "Hello Kitty" with our Student Flights.

Crack open the sake! Japan has a number of international airports that accept flights departing from Australia. Narita International Airport (NRT), servicing Tokyo, is the usual suspect when researching arrival destinations in Japan. Other areas of Japan are then usually reached by domestic flights or our Universal Traveller consultants can even give you advice on train travel and tours! Alternative airport locations include Osaka International (ITM), Kansai International (KIX) and Chubu Centrair International (NGO). Japan has convenient and simple ground transportation from airports to city centres and most major hotels offer shuttle services.

Japan Flights

Sydney, the Gold Coast and Melbourne fly direct to Tokyo in just under 10 hours. From Brisbane, fly to Bali, Thailand or Singapore and connect with a 6 to 7 hour flight to Tokyo. Departing from Perth will most likely require a stopover in Hong Kong with a total flight time of around 12.5 hours. Most major airlines will provide you with meals, refreshments, alcohol and entertainment for international flights. For specific services, check out our airline guide.

Airlines that fly to Japan

Major airlines that fly from Australia to Japan:

Japan Holiday Packages

Find out the best way to explore Tokyo’s east side and the country’s premier entertainment district and where to stay, eat and get transfers from, if you’re then planning to hike the Northern Alps or tour Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, with a holiday package put together by our helpful Universal Traveller travel consultants. We can arrange the best add-ons with personalised packages and holiday specials.

About Japan

From sushi and tempura to ramen noodles and kaiseki, Japan is a country that will tingle the taste buds of even the pickiest eater. Ramen noodles are a national obsession in Japan and you will quickly learn this the moment you touch down in the country – you might even be served them on your flight, depending on which airline you travel with. Japan is a vast country often referred to as the “Land of the Rising Sun”, and you will certainly see how the past meets the future across the country’s landscape, where ancient traditional sites stand next to large, modern shopping malls and entertainment precincts – Japan is a country of contradictions and an absolute travel must-see.

Check out the cherry blossoms or chase breathtaking Buddhist temples across the magnificent country of Japan. Universal Traveller has more information about how to plan and travel your Japan holiday. Universal Traveller travel consultants can offer you the best advice possible on the latest deals and info about flights, accommodation and tours.

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