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Russia is a really, really ridiculously good-looking country full of really, really ridiculously good-looking people – but don’t just take our word for it, rush to Russia with the cheap flights on offer at Universal Traveller. Russia is also a really big country, in fact, it is by far the largest country in the world and offers endless attractions for adventurous visitors. Travellers heading to Russia should squirrel away some time and Rubles for a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Running from Moscow to the city that borders Russia with China and North Korea, you can choose between first-, second- or third-class sleeper cabins on this landmark railway. Trekkers and climbers won’t be able to stay away from Mount Elbrus, part of the Caucasus Mountain Range in Southern Russia. Its summit attracts both experienced and novice climbers, but bring your winter woollies - it’s as cold as it comes up there!

Flights from Australia to Russia disembark at a variety of major international hubs, including Moscow Domodedovo Airport (DME) or Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) and Pulkovo Airport - Saint Petersberg (LED) and Vladivostok Airport (VVO). To get from the airport to your accommodation and city centre, a range of public transport and taxis are at your disposal. Most hotels and resorts will also offer a shuttle service. Speak to your Universal Traveller travel guru for advice on private transfers.

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Flights from Australia to Russia usually depart from Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne as well as other services from most capital cities. A Sydney to Russia flight takes approximately 30 hours and stopovers are usually in Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong or Singapore. A one-way flight might require 2 stopovers so you can plan this into your itinerary. During the flight, airlines will often provide drinks and meals as well as various in-flight entertainment. For specific services, check out our airline guide.

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Major airlines that fly from Australia to Russia:

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Make sure you know whereabouts in Central Russia, Northwestern Russia, Southern Russia and the Volga Region it is that you’re wanting to discover when you start to put together your Russian escape. Universal Traveller’ dedicated and well-travelled consultants can assist you to find the cheapest flights, accommodation deals and transfers so that you don’t have to miss out on anything.

About Russia

Russia is gargantuan – there is simply no other way to explain the size of this vast country. Grab a ushanka hat and picture yourself photographed outside the St Sophia Cathedral in Novogorod, and trek down to Lake Baikal – many travellers actually step off the Trans-Siberian Railway tours here to explore the oldest lake on earth and the town beside it. Discover the jewel of Russia’s 'golden ring' at the Suzdal – a place littered with onion-like domed cathedrals and monasteries. The Kremlin is obviously a Moscow must-see alongside Hermitage Museum and St Basils Cathedral, but don't forget Kizhi Island where you can meet some of the Karelians, who have been living in the region since the 13th century and live in a manner that takes the best of the East and West cultures to create their way of life.

Want to know more about Russia from St Petersburg to Sochi? You'll need our Russia Travel Guide for an insight and itinerary planner. Universal Traveller travel consultants can offer you the best advice possible on the latest deals and info about flights, accommodation and tours.

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