International Holiday Packages

When you realise there's no point in hanging around Australia, international holidays are great idea with more destinations available than you can shake a stick at.

If you don't fancy jumping on a plane for too long, why not aim to travel to New Zealand, Fiji or Indonesia? All of Australia's neighbours offer fantastic vacations and cheap holidays for any budget traveller.

Moving further afield into Asia and international holidays can open you up to the sheer size and impact of China, the diverse culture and history of Japan and the stunning scenery and beaches of Thailand.

Whether you want beaches, history or a eye-opening urban experience, there are international holiday packages for everyone.

Goa has 70 kilometres of unbroken coastline to enjoy and a unique lifestyle with food and drink to match. Moving through to the Middle East, you can travel to the skylines and architectural masterpieces on offer in Dubai with an up-and-coming nightlife, top accommodation and Western culture.

There are too many holiday deals to mention in Europe from the fjords of Scandinavia, the beer-drinking at the Munich Oktoberfest, romance in Paris, alternative pastimes of Amsterdam, the beaches of Spain, the clubs in Ibiza and the style of London, and America, both South and North, opens up even more possibilities. Maybe you still call Australia home, but international holidays are the best way to spend a few weeks every year.