When the world’s your oyster, exotic places, diverse landscapes and fascinating ecosystems offer endless opportunities for adventure seekers and our adrenalin-fuelled tours will help you discover the sheer exhilaration of adventure travel.

Absorb the hilltribe vibe by trekking through the mountainous regions around Chiang Mai in Thailand. Follow in the footsteps of the Incas with the 4-day Inca Trail to the legendary Machu Picchu. Revel in the sense of accomplishment after scaling a Guatemalan volcano. Alternatively, frolic with sloths, toucans and caimans during an Amazon jaunt in Brazil. Celebrate water activities with a boat expedition such as a felucca ride down the Nile in Egypt, a sailing trip off the Belize mainland or a cruise around the South Pacific to discover reefs just asking for a quality snorkel.

If monumental ancient stuff is your thing, then hop on a tuk-tuk to explore the city of Angkor in Cambodia and its centrepiece, Angkor Wat; beeline to the Giza Plateau in Egypt to stare directly into the eyes of the Sphinx and chamber into the inner sanctum of the Great Pyramid; or become over-awed with the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico. With our endless list of adventure tours we can offer the perfect expedition for you. Call us now on 1800 046 462 and chat with our experienced consultants today.

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