About Student Flights

What are Student Flights?

Student Flights are all about getting a great airfare deal at prices where you'll think the travel consultant made a mistake.

Basically, Student Flights are exactly as the name suggests. They are international flights exclusively discounted by Universal Traveller to heaps of destinations - and they're only for people under 30-years-old and full time students.

What types of flights count as Student Flights?

The flights can include one-way airfares, return airfares and round-the-world flights with a bunch of your favourite international airlines including; Emirates, Virgin Australia, Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Air New Zealand, LATAM Airlines & more.


How do I qualify for Student Flights?

If you are aged under 30-years-old OR are a full-time student, you are one of the chosen few and are eligible for Student Flights discounts. All customers eligible for Student Flights will be issued with a Universal Traveller Identity Card. Simply head into one of our stores nationally, show your proof of age card (if you are under 30) or your student ID (if you are a full time student) and see the savings for yourself!

How can I buy a special Student Flights airfare?

There’s no secret handshake, no code words and definitely no bribes required - if you’re under 30 or a full-time student then these cheap airfares are yours! Pop into a Universal Traveller store or call us on 131 669 and chat with our travel experts to find out more about how you can get away with paying less on your international airfares!