Americas Tours

From the frozen landscapes of Canada and Alaska above the Arctic Circle to Ushuaia at the end of the world, North, Central and South America pack in a whole lot of awesome within its boundaries. From epic road trips across the States to eco tours in Costa Rica and riverboat experiences along the Amazon, the Americas are a series of supersized adventures to experience.

Trek, tour or train across the Americas for a trip of epic proportions.

There’s mountains to be scaled, deep canyons to admire and mystic ruins to explore all across the Americas. The Canadian Rockies are the stuff of powder hound’s dreams and equally good to bike in summer, while the Andes are as steep as they are steeped in folklore and culture. See mountains etched with Native American and dead presidents’ faces, take in the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon panorama on a helicopter tour, and grab your besties for a road-tripping adventure across the USA.

Central America is making a name for itself as an eco destination where volunteering trips, sustainable tours and pristine sights ensure your holiday is a memorable one for more than one reason. Soak up the sun island-hopping in the Caribbean or Mexican Riviera, see ancient ruins and colonial cities and marvel at the well-preserved ecosystems and cultural traditions on a tour through Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.

Ancient tribes continue to leave their mark in South America too. A guided tour of Easter Island will unravel the mysteries of the solemn moai statues, challenge yourself on the Inca Trail to see the confounding Machu Picchu site, and join a dinosaur dig to ponder all the big questions.

In the Americas, the big question is: city or country? A bit of both? Take your bite of the Big Apple on a pizza tour through Brooklyn, go in search of the stars in Hollywood, or go hard or go home in Las Vegas. Tango your way through Buenos Aires, samba in Rio’s Carnival or learn to tango in Havana.

Maybe you’d prefer to go off the grid in the Galapagos Islands, explore the Wild West or see the Northern Lights in Alaska? Whatever you’re thinking, we’ve got an Americas tour for you – call us on 1800 046 462 and get excited!